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9:08 am

50 Free Advertising Sites to Promote Your Website Online

Once you launch your small business and create a website, you'll need to spread the word to potential customers. While there are several ways to do this - including blogging, email marketing, and SEO - online is one of the most effective methods. Though advertising is often considered expensive, it's actually quite feasible for companies[continue...]

1:44 pm

Your Domain Ninja

Tierra Hosting, LLC is pleased to announce that we have increased our presence in the domain registration market with our recent acquisition of Your Domain Ninja! As a subsidiary of Tierra Hosting, Your Domain Ninja will be able to take advantage our huge domain extension inventory while also remaining committed to exclusively managing domain registrations.[continue...]

7:39 pm

Over 140 Domain Extensions Available

We are pleased to announce that we now offer more than 140 domain extensions! We have amazing Domain Promotions to make it easier to get your internet presence started! As well, we offer free domains when you bundle with a cloud hosting plan. Take advantage of the fantastic offers we have on top-level domains today.[continue...]

11:24 am

Promotion Inspired Domain Extensions Available

The web has become the primary medium for finding the best deals in recent years due to the comforts of variety, accessibility, and speediness it provides online users with. Especially today, when the pandemic mindset and economic concerns are key decision drivers in our daily routines, finding the best offer at a social distance has[continue...]

2:01 pm

Promote Your Business and Social Life with these New Domains

This breed of new domain extensions has brought a wealth of new naming opportunities to the domain name market. They have come to break the hegemony of over-crowded, generic TLDs like .COM and .NET and offer variety, expressiveness, and choice to anyone starting a project online. So far, we have introduced a series of new,[continue...]

12:34 pm

A bunch of IT-related, promo-priced, domain extensions avaialble

Recently, we’ve started releasing a series of new TLDs that provide you with the opportunity to enrich your portfolio with a variety of modern, fresh and highly-targeted domain name extensions. Now we are launching a set of nTLDs that address various aspects of the IT industry including .DIGITAL, .EMAIL, .NETWORK, .SOFTWARE, .SYSTEMS, .TECHNOLOGY and .COMPUTER.[continue...]

11:06 am

The 1-click Web Apps and Frameworks Installers have been updated with more new, popular installs

Two of the value-added ingredients of the Web Hosting Control Panel – the 1-click Web Apps Installer and the Frameworks Installer, have undergone a major update to their existing listings. From today, users will be able to take advantage of some brand new, popular app/framework additions in various categories. Some of the existing scripts with[continue...]

3:48 pm

Service Status Notifications via RSS

Most of our client base use the Service Status Page to get notifications about our server maintenance schedules as well as emergency outages etc. However, we realize that many would rather receive notifications via a RSS feed. As such, we suggest you to subscribe to our Live RSS feed for the Service Status Page. The[continue...]

1:40 am

Use Gmail with your own domain for Free

When you purchase web hosting, you'll get an unlimited number of email accounts right out of the box. However, it might take time to get used to because the interface is different from Gmail's. There's G Suite as an alternative, of course, but you need to invest. The lowest plan costs $6/month for a user,[continue...]

3:00 am

PHP 8 (Alpha) Available

Recently, the PHP team has announced the first testing release of PHP 8.0.0, Alpha. This has started the release cycle of PHP 8.0 which is expected to make its official, in-production debut by the end of the year. PHP 8.0 represents a new major version that will introduce some breaking changes, as well as a[continue...]