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New AMD EPYC-powered Dedicated Server

New Dedicated Server AMD EPYC

Starting today, we are offer an AMD EPYC-based dedicated server setup.

What is the new dedicated server setup about?

The new dedicated server setup is powered by a third-generation AMD EPYC™ CPU and features 64 cores.

It is equipped with two NVMe SSDs, each with a capacity of 960GB, and a substantial 256GB of RAM:

New Dedicated Server AMD EPYC

What are the benefits of AMD EPYC CPU?

Epyc, manufactured by AMD, is a line of x86-64 microprocessors that are specifically built for server and embedded systems.

These processors were first introduced in June 2017 and come equipped with advanced features suitable for enterprise-level operations such as increased core counts, a greater number of PCI Express lanes, enhanced support for RAM, and larger cache memory capacity.

Moreover, Epyc processors also support multi-chip and dual-socket system setups through the utilization of the Infinity Fabric interconnect.

The 3rd Generation of AMD EPYC™ processors, specifically the Epyc 7702, have been engineered to deliver consistently outstanding performance for cloud computing, enterprise tasks, and high-performance computing workloads.

What are the main use cases for AMD EPYC Processors?

Web Hosting

The EPYC processors, with their impressive memory capacity and processing power, are the perfect choice for hosting multiple websites and web applications concurrently.

These advanced processors not only handle the high demands of website traffic but also efficiently process complex web applications without any lag or slowdown.

With EPYC processors, businesses can ensure seamless user experiences and smooth operations, even during peak times. Moreover, the large memory capacity of these processors allows for efficient data storage and retrieval, enhancing overall performance.

High-capacity Database Management

The exceptional performance and robust capabilities of EPYC processors make them an ideal choice for powering database servers.

With a significant number of cores and expansive memory capacity, these processors excel at handling complex transactions, storing vast amounts of data, and retrieving information quickly and efficiently.

Whether it’s managing a high volume of user requests or ensuring seamless data storage and retrieval, EPYC processors deliver the power and reliability needed for optimal performance in large-scale database environments.

Data-intensive applications & Analytics

When it comes to real-time data processing, AI, and machine learning tasks, EPYC-powered servers deliver exceptional performance, ensuring efficient and accurate analytics.

Their unmatched processing power and advanced architecture enable seamless handling of massive datasets and rapid execution of complex queries.

Also, using EPYC-based processors for AI and machine learning allows for faster model training and inference.

Security and Encryption

The EPYC processors’ advanced security measures, including the cutting-edge AMD Infinity Guard technology, play a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive workloads through data protection and encryption.

With these powerful features, businesses can rest assured that their valuable information remains secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users.

By leveraging the unparalleled security capabilities of EPYC processors, organizations can confidently tackle complex tasks while maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and confidentiality.

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