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Quick and Easy Domain Transfer

If you already have a domain name with another company, you can transfer it over to us. The transfer procedure is quick and easy. We'll tell you how to get your domain released from the current registrar and will complete the transfer procedure for you. With us, you can start working on your site(s) the moment you sign up and before the domain has been actually transferred over!

Tips for a Successful Domain Transfer


step 1:

UNLOCK YOUR DOMAIN Make sure your domain is not locked with the current registrar. Contact your current registrar to disable any locks before requesting a transfer (many registrars will automatically place a lock on a domain for security reasons).


step 2:

REMEMBER THE 60-DAY ICANN RULE By rule, domain names cannot be registered within 60 days of registration or within 60 days of a previous transfer. So make sure that at least 60 days have passed since the registration or transfer date of your domain before initiating a transfer to us.


step 3:

GET YOUR EPP CODE An EPP authorization code/key is required for the transfer of some domain extensions. You can check if you will need an EPP code from the TLD table here. If so, you can obtain your EPP key from the domain's current registrar.

Free Domains Available

Remember, we also have FREE domain extensions available that you can also take advantage of when you transfer your domain to Tierra Hosting and bundle it with a hosting plan. To learn more, visit the Free Domains page.