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Promote Your Business and Social Life with these New Domains

This breed of new domain extensions has brought a wealth of new naming opportunities to the domain name market.

They have come to break the hegemony of over-crowded, generic TLDs like .COM and .NET and offer variety, expressiveness, and choice to anyone starting a project online.

So far, we have introduced a series of new, fresh alternatives to the legacy extensions such as the recently added bunch of tech-related nTLDs like .DIGITAL and .NETWORK.

Today, we are glad to present a line of nTLDs focused on collectivity and collaboration in the various aspects of business and social life.


Short for “limited,” the .LTD extension has been around since 2016 with the sole purpose of addressing the specific needs of limited liability companies.

It is a first-glance indicator of the structural, transparency-driven type of business a private limited company represents, as an entity whose customers and investors can easily check online how it is managed or traded.

Also, .LTD is just the perfect extension for each company that has “Ltd.” within its name. With “.ltd” featured in their domain, they can comfortably save space in their web address and sound 1:1 with their company name online.

For instance, watson.ltd makes a natural choice for a company named Watson Ltd. It is clean, short and, most of all, memorable.

The .LTD extension can be of use for any limited liability company located in Canada or Europe, where this company structure type is popular.

Incorporated businesses in the U.S. could also make use of the extension as an alternative to “Inc.”

The nTLD can also be used by attorneys and brokers who provide LTD registration consulting services to companies or who are running educational campaigns about obtaining an LTD registration.

The .LIMITED TLD is wide open for registration to any business worldwide, with no specific registrations requirements to follow.

The number of LTD companies worldwide is growing every day so hurry up and address this lucrative niche by adding .LTD to your store.


Consulting is a type of service that drives startups and small businesses to the right problem solution or desired outcome.

Hiring experts with the right training and license to help solve problems and achieve results within a company is a proven key to success in the modern economy.

With the .CONSULTING TLD launched back in 2014, the consulting industry has gained a valuable and highly expressive namespace for its online presence.

The TLD represents a great tool for consultants and consulting agencies in the field of business management, science, and IT to promote their services, helping them include a recognizable extension in their online brand.

Established in-house consulting firms, implementation teams, or B2B consulting businesses can use .CONSULTING to better reaffirm their brand online, while independent consultants get a chance to make a name in this ever-expanding community from the start.

Also, the TLD is a great way for consultants, featured on portal pages or social media, to differentiate themselves from the competition crowd.

By forwarding their .CONSULTING domain to their bio/resume or LinkedIn page, for example, they can take leads to their brand, in a targeted and recognizable way.

The extension creates great career opportunities for students in an MBA who can use it to promote their skills at an early stage and get an easier start on the expert track.

The .CONSULTING TLD is wide open for registration to any consulting firm or freelancer worldwide, with no specific registrations requirements to follow.

This new TLD is targeting a lucrative industry, with a growing number of consulting entities being added to the market every day.

In a time of lockdowns and social distance, most experts are now using the internet as their primary medium for generating leads and making new clients.


Enterprises of all types represent the backbone of the modern global economy.

From sole traders and Private Limited Companies (Ltd) to Not-for-profit organizations, enterprises bring diversity and power to the global production of goods or services.

Enterprises could also designate startups and entrepreneurial ventures that involve calculated risk investments.

With .ENTERPRISES introduced to the market in 2014, the large enterprise industry got its brand new professional and highly distinctive namespace.

The extension represents a great branding opportunity for start-ups, established companies, and entrepreneurs.

It helps them kickstart new projects and connect with partners and customers online through a credible and expressive online identity.

The .ENTERPRISES TLD is open for registration to all types of companies and groups, with no specific registration restrictions. 

Given the large marketing potential this new TLD has, you now have an opportunity to add .ENTERPRISE to your portfolio and address the lucrative enterprise industry with a mouse click.


Partnerships are the driver of innovation in the modern economy.

Coming in two varieties, general and limited, partnerships bring great trading and business opportunities to the market and make the economy more collaborative and versatile.

With .PARTNERS, introduced to the domain name market in 2014, the partnership businesses got their dedicated and distinctive namespace to differentiate from other types of business online.

The .PARTNERS extension is good for any type of business partnership in the field of law, consulting, investing, construction, real estate, etc.

Also, it is a great naming choice for partners in all types of ventures, projects, or personal endeavors.

Many company names end with “Partners,” which makes registering .PARTNERS a logical choice, since it will help save on unnecessary words and characters online.

Even if a business has no “Partners” in its name, it can use the TLD to form creative and authoritative web addresses such as lastname.partners or brandname.partners.

The .PARTNERS domain extension is open to all types of partnerships worldwide and has no restrictions on registrations.


Thanks to the rapid development of communication technologies, internationalization in social and economic life have been growing in recent years.

A growing number of organizations and companies have been expanding their activity abroad in search of greater growth and diversification opportunities.

Launched to the public in 2014, the .INTERNATIONAL domain has come to address the needs of any business or organization that operates globally.

Whether a company operates worldwide in the field of communication, education, trade, logistics, politics, law or sports, etc., a .INTERNATIONAL domain name will designate it as an international brand in the eyes of its audience.

The extension is also perfect for entities looking to distinguish their global websites from their regional or country-specific online presence.

Since many companies and organizations contain “International” in their name, using .INTERNATIONAL for their web address can help them save on characters and space online.

And since international means travel too, the extension is a perfect choice for outbound tour agencies, as well as for round-the-world travelers who want to share their adventures online.

The .INTERNATIONAL domain extension is open to any individual, organization, and company worldwide, and has no restrictions on registrations.


Groups are a great social opportunity for people to share common interests and work on joint projects, helping them develop a sense of identity and belonging, and improve skills, values, and attitudes.

They are the place where like-minded people go to find valuable help and support.

When introduced to the public in 2016, .GROUP was recognized as the teamwork namespace for thousands of communities worldwide where members can meet, learn, discuss, and connect online.

As a credible and well-targeted extension, .GROUP associates a website with a certain group, organization, or business with a goal and works well enough for any subject or interest.

The extension offers a wide variety of uses—from families and close friendship circles, to work teams and study groups, or even religious congregations and gatherings.

Also, it works for larger-scale communities such as trade unions and membership organizations.

Many companies and organizations feature “Group” in their brand name so having the word built into the extension will help them save space on characters online. 

By offering an online avenue where members can contact each other and co-operate on the topic a group is dedicated to, .GROUP makes online collaboration easier than ever.

The .GROUP TLD is open for registration to all types of groups and communities, with no specific registration conditions to follow.


Being dedicated to collecting funds for a particular cause, like improving the lives of people in need of help or aiding scientific research, education, arts and culture, etc., foundations represent an integral part of social and cultural life.

Launched in 2014, the .FOUNDATION nTLD gave millions of non-profit and charitable organizations worldwide their own, distinctive namespace where they can highlight their cause.

.FOUNDATION is the right extension for foundations of all types and sizes, whether charitable or private, making it easier for them to network and fundraise.

No matter if the supported cause is of social, cultural, educational, scientific, or religious nature, it can be promoted with .FOUNDATION as a domain extension.

And since many non-profit organizations and charities include the word “Foundation” in their name, this TLD allows them to create a compact and precise online address, with no unnecessary words or characters after the dot.

The .FOUNDATION domain extension is open to any organization and company worldwide, with no specific registrations requirements to follow.

New TLDs – registration details

You can register all of the newly added TLDs for a registration period of 1 to 10 years.

To help address security concerns, we also offer a Whois Privacy Protection service, offered as an add-on service at the point of registration, as well as a DNSSEC feature, available as a free option in the Web Hosting Control Panel

Apart from offering organizations and companies the opportunity to register their exact name with no unnecessary words or characters, the new TLDs also hold a great SEO value.

By allowing you to include keywords in the URL itself, they help you improve your search engine visibility.

With the exact topic of your business or social goal featured in the site name, you will be discernible in the crowd of legacy web addresses.

We are offering .LTD, .CONSULTING, .ENTERPRISES, .PARTNERS, .INTERNATIONAL, .GROUP, and .FOUNDATION at exclusive promo prices until December 31st, 2020