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Event Calendars Now Available

Event Calendar Available

We've added new calendars in the hosting control panels. See important events about your account added automatically in your calendar app.

For the moment they offer the following information:
  • expiration dates for registered domains;
  • the account's expiration date.

The new calendars are available in the header of your control panels, with detailed instructions on how to subscribe to them.

Event Calendar Available

On the backend, calendars will update instantly – the moment you add a new domain name or renew your account, this will be reflected. Updates to calendar clients will be pushed according to the calendar app settings.

Event Calendar Setup

Past events will not be saved – when you renew your account, the event will be moved to a new date, in order to avoid duplicate events.

Additional functionality will be added further down the road. If you have anything in mind that you feel must be included in the calendars, let us know using the feedback form or ticketing system.

Note: The calendar's will work easily with all of the following:
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook 2010 and above
  • Outlook 2007
  • Mac OS iCal
  • Yahoo! Calendar
  • iOS 11+ (newer iPad, iPhone, etc.)
  • iOS (older iPad, iPhone, etc.)

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