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VPN Access


Within your Tierra Hosting control panel, you can enable VPN Access and divert all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic of a selected device through one of our VPN servers.

Connect to any of our VPN data centers in an instant from any web connected device at hand - a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, etc.

You can also enable the VPN filter (in your hosting control panel), which will automatically filter ads and compress images, in order to save you the extra traffic.

Enable VPN Access

To enable VPN access, you will need to go to VPN access in the Advanced section of the Hosting Control Panel and then click on the "Activate VPN Access" button.

You will now see a list of our VPN server locations including the USA, UK, Bulgaria, Netherlands, etc. Keep in mind that we regularly update the list so stay tuned for new locations.

To push your Internet traffic through a certain VPN server, just copy its hostname and paste it in the VPN client on your device. This should be done through the PPTP protocol.

To authenticate the VPN connection details, you will need to use the username of your hosting account and your VPN password. This is your hosting account password, which you can change anytime.

You will need to name your VPN connection as well.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you must have 'Point-To-Point (MPPE) Encryption' enabled in your VPN client's settings to be able to connect.

  • Note: All password changes and monthly traffic updates will need up to 10 minutes in order to propagate online.