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Free Web Marketing & Site Security Tools

Each Tierra Hosting web hosting plan is equipped with a set of free marketing and site security tools that will help you increase the popularity of your website and better protect its contents against unsolicited online activities.
You can incorporate a news section into your website, generate a sitemap of your site to submit to search engines and even let your site load from a location that us closest to your site visitors. Site security features include - protection of your website images, access denial from particular IP addresses, an option to set access restrictions, etc.

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds RSS is a format for delivering frequently updated web content like news headlines, blog posts, audio and video to your readers’ devices. If you have a news-related site or a weblog, you can use the RSS feeds to deliver your publications to a special Feed Reader software that viewers have installed on their PC or mobile device. This way, readers will get your latest updates without needing to visit your site every time you make a post. To get your feeds, readers must subscribe to your RSS feed by using an RSS icon/button on your site.

Detailed Statistics

Detailed Statistics In the Control Panel you will find comprehensive statistics information about your website(s). You can monitor the traffic usage for any of the websites hosted in your account - the traffic usage generated for a host per day, per month and for the whole period within which the site has been hosted in your account. Also, you will see the traffic usage increase and share (how much traffic the website is using as a percentage of the total traffic used for the period). Other key traffic information about your visitors includes: hits, page views, unique visitors, etc.

Sitemap Generator

Sitemap Generator Sitemaps allow webmasters to easily inform search engines about pages on their websites that are available for crawling. The Sitemap Generator is an easy to use XML based sitemap protocol file creator, which allows you to generate a search engine friendly sitemap in a click. It can crawl all the sites hosted in your account and you have full control over the crawl depth level and the maximum number of crawled links. Various formats are supported – from a simple .txt list of your pages to an HTML sitemap to help your visitors easily navigate through your site.

GeoIP Location

GeoIP Location The GeoIP location tool allows you to redirect your site visitors to a particular version of your site depending on where those visitors come from. This way, your site will load from a location that us closest your site visitors. You can segment your visitors by continent, country, and even city. For example, if you have a French and an English version of your site, through GeoIP location you can set the French version to automatically load to visitors from France, Morocco, Alger, French Polynesia, etc., and the English version – to all the rest.

Hotlink Protection

Hotlink Protection This feature is designed to prevent others from using your images on their website at your expense, which is known as hotlinking or bandwidth theft. It prohibits direct external linking to your image files. Linking to these files will be possible from your own website only. For example, if you try to access an image by entering http://www.live.demo/image.gif into a browser with Hotlink Protection enabled, you will receive a Forbidden error page, whereas that same image will display correctly when linked to any page from your website.

.htaccess Generator

.htaccess Generator The .htaccess file is a plain text file, which allows you to control how your visitors or search engine bots interact with your site. Using this .htaccess Generator you can protect your website content with password protected folders and IP-based authentication, redirect your website to another site, or point long URLs to shorter ones, block different IP addresses or websites from accessing your website, enable Server Side Includes for your site, create your own customized error pages, set MIME types, etc.

IP Blocking

IP Blocking With the help of the IP Blocking tool, you can easily deny access to your website from a specific IP address or an entire IP addresses range. This is a very efficient way to protect your site from known abusers. For example, a website forum administrator who sees spam or unwanted posts from a user may block the IP address of that user to prevent him/her from using the discussion board.